Alright, hear me out. We have all been in that one situation where we just cannot recall the password. Was it SomePassword? Or PasswordSome? WordPassSome? Okay, I'll stop. Anyways, to avoid the hassle of remembering different passwords and keeping your accounts safe with a strong password, many people suggested me to use a password manager. But is it really safe to store our passwords on a cloud? Let's find out!

LastPass is one of the top password managers on the internet right now. I've seen many people using it and they seem pretty much happy with it. You just have to remember a master password and BOOM! You're done. You can add multiple sites and their password to your vault and access them anytime. LastPass stores all of the password on a cloud. Now, you might be thinking that 'What if the LastPass itself gets hacked?'. Well, to be very clear, there's nothing like 100% security. Flaws are gonna be everywhere ('cause humans aren't perfect). But LastPass stores all of the passwords with the implementation of AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256. They have sprinkled some hashes too, to gear up the security. This data might be stored on the super secure cloud server but it's encryption and decryption takes place on the device only.
Furthermore, you can also activate two-factor authentication to ensure that only you get to access your password vault. 

Here's a fun fact: LastPass thought that they were hacked back in 2011 and notified all of their users to change their master password.

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Over To You...

Even though 100% security does not exist, LastPass does take the security of their database seriously (like very seriously). So, I would say that, right now, it is the best and secure password manager out there (If used correctly). Go ahead and stay secure.

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