A blogger based in India, Tejas Mayekar, has published two new books in the market. He is known for blogging about web technologies and it's applications. Both of the books that he published are primarily based on his experience in the web designing field.

In an interview with Tejas Mayekar, he said that "I believe both of these books will be a great help for people who are just starting out." He also explained that he used to struggle a lot during the initial days of his career thus he wanted to help the people who are interested in web technologies.

Here are the details about both of his books - 

1. Destroyed In Seconds: 10 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Website

This book highlights the not-so-obvious mistakes that people tend to commit while creating and managing their websites. These mistakes can lead to killing your brand’s online credibility, very low search visibility of your website, getting sensitive data stolen from the database, and so on. The damage caused by committing these “sins” is very hard to recover from or sometimes irreversible.

Whether you are a web developer or a business owner managing your own website, this book will be a great help if you want your website to succeed over the internet. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to understand the contents. Anyone with the basic knowledge of web terminologies should easily get valuable insights from this book.

2. Freelancing Days: Being My Own Boss

Many people think that being a freelancer means you get to sit home all day and work in your pajamas but that is not as sweet as it sounds. As the author puts it – “Being a freelancer is basically like a roller coaster. There are a lot of ups and downs and you are screaming all the way during the crazy ride!”

This book takes you behind the scenes of the author’s journey as a freelance web designer. Tejas Mayekar has depicted his journey in the form of a story that includes his small milestones, failures, and his learnings. This book will also demystify some of the common myths that people have regarding being your own boss.

If you are planning to become a freelancer, this book will be a great help and it will set you off on the right path. Even if you are just a 9-5 job person, you’ll have a good laugh and will definitely find value in this book as well!

For more details go to - Freelancing Days Book by Tejas Mayekar.


Tejas Mayekar has been in this field for quite a while now so it's no brainer that he has developed expertise in the same. If you are looking for a book as a fun guide, these books are for you! Go for it!

However, keep in mind that these are not some step by step in-depth guides. These books are short but provide some valuable insights regarding the world of web designing and technologies. 

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