Everyone knows that Apple has blocked direct access to any app's sandbox since iOS 8.3. A few years back, I was trying to mess up with system files of an application. I really needed access to the app's sandbox. But It was not possible because I was running iOS 8.3. Anyway, after a lot of hard work, (Okay, a little hard work) I discovered a new way to access the sandbox without jailbreaking your iDevice. Here, I'm sharing this little sneaky trick with you guys! 


1. Unlock your iDevice and head over to HiPStore (Don't worry It's just an alternative to App Store and It's safe as well)  

2. This store has almost all of the applications from the App Store and the best thing about this store is that they are all available for FREE!

3. Search & download any app that you want. (It'll ask you something like this - "Open this page in the App Store?" hit 'Yes'. Remember that it won't redirect you to the App Store) Then just hit "Install".

4. After it is installed successfully, just go the Settings > General > Device Management > Select the app's developer's name and hit "Trust".

5. Now, just plug your device into your computer and open up any iOS file and app management tool like iFunbox.

6. Now try to access the app's sandbox that you have just downloaded from HiPStore.

This trick actually works because the app we have downloaded is not signed by Apple. That's why we can easily access its sandbox.

Let me know if you dropped your jaw by the results! Don't forget to share this article and join our Crazy Internet Family.

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