The leading instant messenger - WhatsApp has finally released it's "Delete for everyone" feature which allows recalling of the sent messages. There's a catch though  you will only be able to recall messages within 7 minutes after you have sent it. So yeah, you cannot go ahead and recall messages which you had sent to your ex. Sorry.

Coming to the point, this feature is very helpful for those who accidentally send messages to wrong persons which may also contain some private information. Oh, and by the way, this 'recalling' is not only limited to texts but you can also recall photos, videos, GIFs, voice note, contact, location.etc. However, you cannot delete/recall these things - 

1. A message tagged in a quote. (We might be able to delete this as      well in near future)
2. A message sent to a broadcast list.
3. A message sent to a Symbian version of WhatsApp.

This feature will only work if the recipient and the sender have the latest version of WhatsApp.

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Sweet! Now When Will I Be Able To Get My Hands Over It?

Just go ahead and update your WhatsApp version. It may not appear instantly though, as rolling out of this feature is a little slow. If you cannot wait till then, download WhatsApp GB. It instantly activates this feature. It has got some more additional features as well which will surely blow your mind!

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