I can feel the pain of an iPad/iPod (Wi-Fi model) user when he/she comes to know that WhatsApp is only available for iPhones. (That's 'cause I own an iPad). Anyway, now there's an easy peasy way to install & run WhatsApp on iPads and iPods. Let's get into it!

Requirements :

1. A Windows PC or a Mac.
2. Cydia Impactor (It's a software; don't worry, non-jailbreakers!)
3. WhatsPad.ipa (It's a modified version of WhatsApp with additional features & support for iPads/iPods.)
4. Latest version of iTunes. (For Windows only)

Procedure :

1. Download and Install the latest version of iTunes from here.

2. Fire up your web browser and download Cydia Impactor.
Download the Windows version or Mac OS X version according to your operating system.

3. Download WhatsPad.ipa from here.

4. Now, unzip the Cydia Impactor and run it. Do NOT run it as Administrator.

5. Connect your iPad/iPod into PC. Make sure you can see your device under 'devices list' in Cydia Impactor. 

6. Drag the WhatsPad.ipa into Cydia Impactor.

7. It'll ask for your Apple ID username and password, fill it up and hit enter. (Don't worry, it's safe)

8. Unlock your iPad/iPod and wait till the process is finished. After some time you will be able to see WhatsPad in your iPad/iPod.

9. Lastly, just go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, tap on your Apple ID and hit trust.

10. BOOM! Now, you'll be able to run WhatsApp on iPad/iPod.

Remember that this app will work only for 7 days and after that time you have to repeat this 1 minute process (from step 5 to step 8) to continue using WhatsApp.

Wait, how does this trick work?

This hack of makes WhatsApp application to recognize the device as iPhone even if it is an iPad or an iPod. 

Hope you have liked this article and make sure you share it with your friends & family. Sorry for the delay in posting new articles but I will try my best to be regular in posting epic tricks and articles!

Happy WhatsApping! :)


  1. That's awesome. Thanks for making me aware of this. Please do find many more methods for this...


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