We are in 2K18 and this is the 'smart' era where everything just tends to be smart and it all started with 'smartphones'. We, human beings invented it 25 years ago and some smartphone rules arose along with the new phones and generations. Read on to see if you follow this unspoken & unwritten set of rules.

1. Do NOT Unplug The Phone Which Is Being Charged If Your Phone's Battery Percentage Is More

This one is so obvious but nobody follows it (especially those hardcore chatters and the gamers who are online 24 by 7). Just imagine, you have just arrived home from work, your phone's battery is at 6%, you plug it into the charger and leave the room. After freshening up, you come back to find your phone unplugged and your sister's/brother's phone is being charged even though it has 46% of the juice left in its battery! (Right in the feels, I know). Please avoid doing that and if you can't, buy a new charger (or some lemons & potatoes).

2. If Your Message Was Seen And Didn't Get A Reply, Do NOT Send Tons Of Follow Up Messages

Well, in case your texts are being ignored then that maybe that particular person is damn busy or is not in the mood to chat with you. Do yourself a favor and avoid sending a lot of texts just to get a reply back. You might end up getting blocked by that person because it's annoying.

3. Do NOT Turn ON Phone's Hotspot Without The Owner's Permission

Data does not come free and moreover, it eats up the battery quickly. Many people have this tendency to their friend for his/her phone, turning on the data and totally destroying it by downloading movies, songs, apps and whatnot. Even though the data plan might be unlimited but the battery is not.

4. Do NOT Peek At Someone's Browser History 

(Ahem) No explanation required.

5. Avoid Sending Texts/Posting Lame Status/Tweeting Nonsense Shit From Someone Else's Phone

Got hands on your friend's phone? Sweet. Just lock it up and keep them damn phone where it was instead of sending silly texts and posting anything on Facebook from your friend's account. The consequences might be bad for your poor friend and can create a lot of misunderstandings. It also shows that you lack maturity and can stab your friend's back any time (Pun intended).

6. Stop Taking Hundreds of Photos Of Food and Posting Them In Your Stories

Fun fact: You can eat without letting your friends know what you're eating. 

I mean, come on guys, it hurts to see you're munching a delicious cheese pepperoni pizza and here I am eating bread with mustard spread. Not to mention, the people who follow a strict diet are on Instagram, too.

7. ThiS is NoT oKaY aND Definitely NOt CoOl

If you type like this then for the sake of the holy god, please stop. It's a pain to read the text formatted in the above manner and does NOT look cool. If you think carefully, you're actually wasting both time and energy while typing LiKe THiS. All of these efforts for nothing.Oh, and it's 2018. Simple is the new cool. 

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